Do you vet your cleaners and if you do how?
Yes, we vet our cleaners. We ask for documentation such as proof of address, two passports, permission to work in the UK, etc. We carefully check if they have criminal record. We require two written references which we check as well and call the previous customers for information about the cleaner. If our cleaners pass the interview, we arrange and give them training.
Can I have a cleaner on the same day every week?
Yes, you can. The cleaner will come on the day you require.
What happens if I am not satisfied with the service?
Just give us a call within 24 hours and we will arrange another cleaning absolutely free of charge. Complains made outside the 24hrs will not be considered.
Will you send me the same cleaner every week?
Yes, we normally send the same cleaner, but if you require a different cleaner we will arrange that.
Do you have an insurance?
Yes, we are insured for liability, loss, key holding and damage upon work.
Is there a minimum number of hours for a cleaning session?
Yes, 2hrs is the minimum booking we take.
Should I be home when your cleaners are working?
You may give the cleaner a key if you want to. It is totally up to you. However if possible we advise you be there for at least the first clean to ensure you are satisfied with results.
Do I have to provide cleaning materials and equipment?
Yes, however if you want us to provide materials we can do so at an small additional costfor our domestic clients we can meet mu. We have a list of cleaning materials that you can choose from. Your regular cleaner will inform you when you are out of something. You will also have to have a vacuum cleaner, a mop and a bucket (if floors are not carpeted) at home.
What if you damage or break something in my home?
Unfortunately accidents can happen. We are fully insured and will repair or replace anything that gets damaged or broken as a result of an accident caused by one of our cleaners. This needs to be reported to us immediately and within no later than 24hrs or it will not be considered. Please advise the cleaner of any sentimental and fragile items before they begin cleaning to help prevent any breakages. We do not cover damages which are less than a £100.
Should I do anything before the cleaning visit?
Only if you want to. You may collect or move the household items that you wish.
What if my cleaning is on a day I am supposed to be on a holiday?
If it happens, please contact us to reschedule your service and notify us at least 2 days in advance. If you want to continue using our services while you are on a holiday you do not have to do anything if the cleaner has a key.
What if I need to change the cleaning day?
Please give us a call at least 24 hours in advance! If you fail to give us the appropriate notice you will have to pay full price for the cleaning visit.
What should I do if I want to suspend your cleaning services?
Please give us a notice over the phone or email us at least 14 days before your last cleaning session should take place.
What should I do if I’ve booked a service and the scheduled cleaner doesn’t turn up?
Please contact us immediately!
Should I pay the cleaner?
No. Payment should be made direct to the company by either cheque, standing order or card payment depending on what our agent discussed with you in our initial conversation.
  • We booked this service and are totally pleased with results our chairs have a new lease of life and the service was professional and efficient. Well done. David General manager.
  • We booked a four hour de-clutter for our mothers house as she is a hoarder and her house was becoming difficult to walk in. Shola and Hayley came round and did an excellent job of getting rid of all the rubbish and organising and storing the rest. They were patient with my mum and my mother was pleasantly surprised with the result after being very weary initially. My husband and I would totally recommend them and plan to book them again shortly to sort out our own flat. Louise. Tottenham
  • We at Creative Learners Ltd, have a small childcare business and as you can imagine we require a regular clean on a weekly basis... We found Capital City Cleaners, to be punctual and paid attention to detail in their work... We are very happy with their service and affordable rates and they continue to meet all our cleaning requirements... Mr Grey Manager Cheshunt
  • Capital City Cleaning was recommended by a colleague as we needed our large building well cleaned - consisting of our office, lounge, salon, kitchen, toilets etc. Reasonably priced, very good job, the staff are highly professional, friendly and polite and the manager is easy to contact and reach. Well done!!! Abi0-4 Age UK